7th India Logistics & Supply Chain Awards
11thDecember 2021, Mumbai

SCMPro, is launching the Seventh India Logistics and Supply Chain Awards. The series of awards seeks to honour Companies, Educational Institutions and Individuals who are shaping the future of Logistics and supply chains in India.

The SCMPro awards are decided by a jury of eminent international academicians and experts, and reflects an un-biased opinion on the capabilities of the nominees.

SCMPro will present these awards during the 7th Asian Supply Chain Thought Leadership Summit on 11th December, 2021 at Mumbai. CEOs and CXOs will be attending the awards function to cheer you on.

How to Participate?

To start the process, please register your interest and fill the below given form or sending us a mail or message Or you can download the form from Below given categories. The filled in form and the required attachments should be mailed to us at info@iscmindia.net

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Award categories

Supply Chain Management

  1. Improving Supply Chain Visibility and control Tower
  2. Use of Robotics, IoT, Blockchain, AI/ML
  3. Digital Orchestrators in Supply Chains
  4. Startups in SCM
  1. Most Admired Supply Chain of the Year
  2. Best SCM Performance during Pandemic
  3. The resilient Supply Chain of the Year
  4. Excellence in Managing Supply Chain Disruption
  5. The Supply Chain Strategy and Design Award
  6. Excellence in Managing Global Supply Chains
  7. Best Initiatives in People development during crisis
  8. Most Resilient Supply Chain Team of the Year
  1. Innovation in SCM
  2. Most Admired ESG Compliant Supply Chain Company
  3. Supply Chain Risk Management Award
  4. Supply Chain Performance Improvement
  5. Supply Chain Planning
  6. Network Optimization
  7. Highest Standards in Safety
  8. Best Use of Analytics
  9. Productivity improvement through Supply Chain
  10. Horizontal Collaboration in Supply Chain
  11. Vertical Collaboration in SCM
  12. Building supplier resilience capability
  13. Best Procurement Firm of the year
  14. Best Demand Planning firm of the year
  15. Excellence in Logistics
  16. Excellence Project Logistics
  17. Best Company to work With in SCM
  18. Best L&D in Supply Chain and Logistics

Transformational Leadership During Lockdown and Post
Lockdown – for the supply chain leaders who piloted their
supply chains with minimum disruption and leveraged the
pandemic to create future growth for their firms.

For showing exceptional commitment to building a self-
reliant supply chain keeping the call for “Atmanirbhar
Bharat” in mind

  1. Supply Chain Personality of the Year
  2. Women Leadership
  3. Demand Planner of the Year
  4. Warehousing Personality of the Year
  5. Logistics Personality of the Year
  6. Procurement Personality of the Year
  7. Next Gen Leadership
  1. Healthcare & Pharma
  2. Food & Beverage
  3. Agriculture
  4. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  5. E-Commerce
  6. Cargo
  7. Transporters (Road, Rail & Ship)
  8. Retail
  9. Auto
  10. Manufacturing
  11. 3PL & 4PL
  12. Cold Chain
  13. Warehouse
  14. MHE
  15. Excellence in Contract Logistics

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Past Winners